Clarendon Youth Urged To ‘Change Their Default Settings’ To Succeed



More than 100 youth who participated in the Digital Technology training – a partnership between the Clarendon Youth Information Centre and Sutherland Community Technology Centre – last Thursday got some valuable advice from guest speaker, the Reverend Claudia Fletcher.

Starting off with a modernised version of the biblical story of the cripple by the pool of Bethesda, Rev Fletcher said a lot of time people “sit around waiting for opportunities”.

She pointed out that just like every computer with a default setting, they, too, have one known as ‘habits’.

“When you decided to take this course, you gave up your excuses, but it is very easy to go back and pick up your excuses for why you are not further along in your life, if you don’t change your default settings. One of the best ways to change your settings is to set a goal for yourself because if you don’t have a goal, you will stay where you are,” were the sage words coming from her.

Rev Fletcher also cautioned them on their choice of friends, noting that because they want to fit in, they forget what’s important to them as well as their core values, to their detriment.


Computer Training


The three-day course, which started in September and concluded in October last year, saw students being trained in Microsoft Office, ergonomics and computer etiquette.

In giving an overview of the programme, CTC Community Technology Centre (CTC) manager, Paula Hurlock, said the free course mostly targeted marginalised youth in the age range of 13 to 25 in underserved communities.

“In Jamaica, sometimes where you live or the community where you come from work against you. In the case of the Sutherland CTC, we embrace these communities that the rest of society shuns. We want to see the diamond in the rough begins to shine,” she said, pointing out that the graduates were doing just that.

Daily Gleaner Article: Published:Thursday | April 6, 2017 | 4:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston





The room at the Clarendon Youth Information Centre was a sea of blue, pebbled with radiant smiles from well-wishers and the remarkable team from Sutherland Community Technology Centre. It was a celebration of accomplishment and tenacity, especially for those whose lives had frequent ebbs and flows of challenges. Continue reading “Vision-Execution=Hallucination”

When One Door Closes

Most of us have heard that cliche old adage, “When one door closes, another one opens”. For most young people, we brush aside these sayings and toss them aside in the box labelled “Old Wives Tales”. For many of us, this compartmentalization and dismissal of sayings our parents swear by, have nothing to do with the fact that these sayings happen to fall into all categories “old”, “archaic” “not digital”- they also seem to be meaningless and disappointing. At least that’s what we think. Continue reading When One Door Closes

6 Exciting Sports Careers You Should Consider

The world we live in is a dynamic one with constant changes taking place as humans and technologies develop. It is said, the more things change, the more they remain the same and sports is one of those things which remained as a stalwart since the beginning of time. From Greek gods to Usain Bolt, the sporting industry continues to boom over the centuries and so are the career options associated with it. Continue reading 6 Exciting Sports Careers You Should Consider

Discovering, Expanding and Marketing Talent

Talent Collage Let’s take a look at Usain Bolt for a second.  It’s super easy to say he is a talented young man, since Jamaica has been observing him from as far as primary school days. In 2002 Usain Bolt won the World Youth Championships in 17 seconds at the age of 16- this was incredibly impressive! In 2008, he became the world’s fastest man winning 3 gold medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing and became the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100 and 200 metre races in world record times. Continue reading Discovering, Expanding and Marketing Talent

Take Up Lacrosse and Follow Me!

The participants in the Lacrosse workshop smile for our cameras

Spreading the message of empowerment to young people isn’t easy, especially when their immediate environments scream louder contrasting messages. We have found a magic formula, which brings youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds together that can do everything from modifying behaviour to achieving high self-esteem- this method we call, Sports Intervention. Continue reading Take Up Lacrosse and Follow Me!

Jamaican Beginner Green Juice

Green Juice

Hi guys, today our host of “Try Dis” and Miss Campbell decided to try Green Juice for the first time. Green juices are known for their detox and cleansing properties. They are also a good way to get the palate used to tasty juices without the sugar or other artificial additives or preservatives. Continue reading Jamaican Beginner Green Juice

Gospel Explosion Was A Hit

Kevin Downswell had the crowd in a frenzy last evening. Photo Courtesy of Nathaniel Stewart

The Old Police Station in May Pen was abuzz last Saturday evening as songs of praise echoed through the town center. The event dubbed “Gospel Explosion ” was celebrated as the  launch of Youth Month  in the parish which was staged by the Clarendon Youth Information Centre and the Ministry of Youth and Culture.

Several youth from across the parish attended the grand display of talent which featured young local talent such as Jaidenn Williams and Rebecca Bissoon.  Agencies which focus on youth related affairs such as the Child Development Agency and the National Youth Service provided information to the youth about staying connected to agencies and resource bodies which could facilitate their empowerment.

The Gospel Explosion was conceptualized as a means of neutralizing the harsh reports which usually surrounds the parish. This concert was designed to restore hope and reassurance to youth in Clarendon as they were urged to stay connected to spirituality  among other positive things.

The lineup of talented performers promised to wow the audience and that they did! Roxy J from last season  of Digicel Rising Stars led a vibrant segment of perpetual praise while charging the youth to press on despite negative influences. Jodian Pantry had the crowd singing and dancing to Survivor and other hits. Howard Brown kept the momentum going after a high energy performance from Alrick Francis.

With energies still elevated, the stage was ready for Kevin Downswell who was the highlight of the evening. The performance was very well received by the frenzied audience who danced and sang along to hits like Stronger and If It’s Not Yours.

With many prize giveaways throughout the show the audience was reminded to follow youthjamaica on various social media platforms to keep up with the other activities and events planned for Youth Month. Youth Empowerment Officer, Chevelle Campbell, said she was pleased with the turnout and says she is hopeful that the events planned for November will yield more participation from Clarendon’s Youth.

Local gospel Act Chozen Vessel closed the show with his hit “War Wid Di Devil”after which Youth Activist Dei Rasi Freckleton charged the youth to keep connected to youth empowerment and participation in his vote of thanks.

Gospel Explosion was a quite a treat  and if you missed it visit Clarendon Youth Information Centre on Facebook for pictures and video highlights from the show.

10 Places To Find Jobs In Jamaica

Job Hunting can be frustrating
Job Hunting can be frustrating

You are done with school for now and responsibilities and debts are knocking. However, with the few experiences you have garnered along the way and the many subjects you have acquired- jobs are SUPER difficult to find. With the rough economic climate ever present, it is difficult to know the organizations which are hiring and most youngsters have no idea where to start looking. Have no fear, the Clarendon Y.I.C is here. Below are a list of places to help make  the job hunting process easier.

These places are not ranked in any particular order of importance of effectiveness. They all work, which is why we decided to share.

  1. Caribbean Jobs Jamaica  They allow you to subscribe and receive updates via email on the latest vacancies available in a wide variety of areas across the Caribbean.

2. Career Jamaica Jobs  They also do subscriptions and provide updates on jobs in over 48 Categories across Jamaica.

3. Splash Jamaica They allow you to upload a full resume and send alerts based on the qualifications you identify. The updates are not frequently sent, so you have to visit the page to keep updated.

4. E-jam Jobs  E-jam provides job listings from Domestic Helper to CEO positions in larger companies locally and internationally. No subscription is required and users are not required to upload resumes. However, the option for subscription is available and successful job applicants through this site have a few conditions to adhere to.

5. LMIS (Labour Market Information System)  This is a government based database where you upload your resume and have access to a wide array of jobs. LMIS also allows users to apply for Farm Work programmes as well as jobs from government agencies and private sectors across the island.  It also allows University and College Students to apply for Work and Travel Programmes as well.

6. I Need A Job Jamaica  This Facebook based job site sorts through other popular databases and posts jobs in a easy to read manner. They also visit the pages of companies and share vacancies. They allow employers to share information on job opportunities. A plus with this site is that they do a basic check for authenticity. If they post a job link and realize that it is a scam, they will alert users.

7. Go Jamaica Job Smart  They have 10 Areas that users can choose from when job seeking. However, most job postings require users to have at least 5 CXC subjects as most require Degrees.  However, if you seek jobs in the fields they offer, they usually have very current information.

8. The Sunday Gleaner (Career Section) Hard Copy  This is the most traditional way most of us are used to, but it is still one of the most effective ways of finding a job. Sunday Gleaners are available at Y.I.Cs near you.

9. Gleaner Classifieds Career Section  This is the online version of the Gleaner’s Career  section, however, it contains less job postings  than the hard (physical) copy.

10. Websites of Potential Employers/ Career Section eg Grace Kennedy, Ministry of Youth and Culture    So, if you are interested in finding a job at a particular company but not sure if they are hiring, you should visit their websites. Most companies have a  section for Careers or Vacancies on their website. Visiting the website of the place you want to work may give you first hand contact with vacancies which puts in a better stead.

We hope this information was helpful, with a resume that is well prepared and the right attitudes, you should be well on your way to landing that dream job. For more information on Job Searches and Careers feel free to  contact us.

Have a successful job hunt!

Can You Pass the Jamaican General Driver’s License Quiz?E

Being able to drive provides a certain level of freedom and independence. However, before you start rolling the wheels of that truck, van or car, you will need a General Driver’s License. The test has two components, the Road Code Component and the Mechanics component. Here is a sample quiz containing actual questions from these exams. Are you ready? Click on the link to begin?

http://[qzzr quiz=”106905″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]