Top Micro-blogging Apps & Sites

microblogging apps and sitesThere are apps that will be on our top priority list even on a dry day. Some more visited than others. Often I’ve found myself in the middle of the night on IG (Instagram) just scrolling and liking pictures. Similar persons do the same thing with Twitter and other Micro-blogging apps. These apps have changed the game all together each bringing something new to your entertainment. This week I’m focusing on those apps that got us laughing even at 2 am. First of all let me get to one of my most used apps – Instagram!!!!


IG is an app to share your moments with the followers of your account through photographs and 15 secs videos. IG’s content is shared mostly through photos and videos. Let me give you guys a run down:

Take a photo directly from IG

Edit it – add a filter, adjust contrast, adjust brightness and etc. Tools to enhance your photograph

Share to your followers or directly to someone special. This is important as often times sensitive information may get out choosing the wrong delivery method. Guys it only takes 2 secs before someone screenshots it. Not trying to scare you just telling you to be careful. Place a caption if desired, use hash tags (optional) select other apps you wish to share this media, add photo map and tag people.

Now it’s that simple. Here’s the part that’s interesting- getting likes and comments. To the first time enthusiastic user this is all you will focus on along with getting followers. Over time that fades away. Instagram is a good app for sharing professional photography or just keeping with the daily life of friends or companies etc. I recommend people to try it out; also the 15 secs vids are hilariously funny. #instalove #tryitout


Tumblr is a blog site created for you to share practically anything but you shouldn’t. This is what sets Tumblr apart. It’s the option to share anything on your blog. Your blogs can consist of the regular photos and text but also offer up quotes, links, music, voice messages, and videos. It is a cross between Twitter and a blog that’s what I get from it. Tumblr I the blog of all blogs; some might call it a superblog. If you like to express yourself Tumblr is place to do it in many forms. It’s always good to express yourself instead of bottling things up. The downside is that there is a problem with mature content which is a concern for parents. Heads up not for everyone, especially if you’re not into a bit of rude humor or “big people argument”. Very high on Mature Content. Tumblr doesn’t have comment tools; bloggers who want that feature must integrate a third-party product that allows commenting. Good blogging site just watch out guys.


Controversy Controversy this is twitter which everyone should be aware of it is even known as the “SMS o The Internet”. Twitter continues to grow and there doesn’t seem to be a stop in sight. Twitter users are tweeting, over the years there has been 100 to over 500 Million Tweets per day. It gives you tweet updates from your favorite followers in real time.  Teens are open to having various conversations on various topics. Special users such as celebrities tweet about everything. Battles have been fought and have been lost on twitter due the freedom of tweeting especially between rival celebrities. It offers you direct access to interesting people all over the world. Twitter and Instagram are #thehashtagkings this is a trend that has been out there since I can remember. It can be addictive to the point you give out too much sensitive information. There is even a location option to let your fellow users know where you are. The first time I was twitter I got hooked but that’s expected for all first time users.

Your twitter page can be personalized to reflect you and give you a sense of ownership. The tweets of others can be retweeted. This is basically to share the tweets of other users. Twitter is another online social media site and micro blogging platform. A platform to express yourself limited to 140 character tweets. So get to Tweeting!!


Short Vids just got shorter I’m talking about Vine. Instagram allows 15 secs, well on Vine it is down to 6 secs. Sounds short, it is but we’ve learnt to more than live it. Vine enables users to record short video clips up to around six seconds long while recording through its in-app camera. The camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit or create stop motion effects. Six seconds are more than enough when you get use to it. That’s where the world is going. Quicker, faster and easier. There are a lot of funny, creative and interesting videos which are easy to find by user or hash tag. I always go there to catch up on a good mini laugh. Life is hard there is time to catch a laugh, six seconds is doable. Vine is a lot of fun and I recommend it the most for lifting your spirits.

Well guys this is the end of another article. The micro blogging apps are really where the world is at this point if you’re not there get to it. Texting is great but it’s always good to mix it up a bit. My life is light; these apps help me to do that. This has been a great article for me to compose. Another Tuesday Guys Y.I.C. Techkidd logging out. Stay Updated!!!