Jamaican Beginner Green Juice

Green Juice

Hi guys, today our host of “Try Dis” and Miss Campbell decided to try Green Juice for the first time. Green juices are known for their detox and cleansing properties. They are also a good way to get the palate used to tasty juices without the sugar or other artificial additives or preservatives.

For a step by step instructions, watch our video to make Jamaican Beginner Green Juice

Our recipe for today

1 lime ( 1/2 for taste & 1/2 for garnish)

1 carambola/ Chinese Jimbelin

1 large cucumber

12 string beans

6 leaves lettuce

3 leaves pak choy

1 oz ginger

1 American green apple

1 1/2 cup water

We cut up these ingredients and blended them at high speed for maximum refinement and the results were awesome!We wanted to get the extra fibre so we didn’t strain ours- but you are welcome to strain yours. We promise it would be just as good … or even better.

We tried it for the first time and will be definitely trying it again. Do you want us to feature any special juice recipe, just drop us a comment below. Chill and enjoy our green juice recipe and see you next time.