Take Up Lacrosse and Follow Me!

The participants in the Lacrosse workshop smile for our cameras

Spreading the message of empowerment to young people isn’t easy, especially when their immediate environments scream louder contrasting messages. We have found a magic formula, which brings youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds together that can do everything from modifying behaviour to achieving high self-esteem- this method we call, Sports Intervention.

As a part of our Sports Intervention, we have been exposing the youth to a myriad of sports to increase exposure, sport competencies, interpersonal dynamics, problem solving and team building skills. December saw us taking up Lacrosse and it was quite an experience.

Lacrosse, what exactly is that?  It is a sport that dates back to the Tainos that uses a stick with a catching area, used to catch a ball. It is a mixture of netball, hockey and the Jamaican childhood game “Egg and Spoon”.  It calls for flexibility, agility, excellent hand-eye coordination and lots of speed.

Lacrosse was new to us all, and the group of volunteers from the United States of America, cultivated such an appreciation, that most persons are aspiring to become national players. Jumping on this opportunity shows youth that they should make use of opportunities as they come. Being a part of something new creates opportunities, especially in sports where scholarships and travel opportunities are plenty.

Lacrosse Collage

They learned, to scoop, cradle and run. They strengthened their attacking and defense skills and had so much fun doing it. They got fitter from the intense drills and got pre- Christmas bodies ready.

The final day of the 4 day workshop, had them playing friendlies against the USA volunteers. They got a feel of an actual Lacrosse match and worked hard to put scores in.

The St. Georges College field will be embedded in our minds as a place for new beginnings and opportunities. The Clarendon Youth Information Centre  extends a special thank you to Jamaica Lacrosse and Lacrosse Volunteer Corps for this amazing opportunity.