Discovering, Expanding and Marketing Talent

Talent Collage Let’s take a look at Usain Bolt for a second.  It’s super easy to say he is a talented young man, since Jamaica has been observing him from as far as primary school days. In 2002 Usain Bolt won the World Youth Championships in 17 seconds at the age of 16- this was incredibly impressive! In 2008, he became the world’s fastest man winning 3 gold medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing and became the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100 and 200 metre races in world record times.

There are many different meanings for the word “talent”, but in simple terms, talent is a skill that you possess naturally, for example, being humorous or able to sing.  Things like those can be recognized from an early age, so it’s very easy to say one was born with those talents. While some see their talents from early, there are some who probably take a longer time to discover their talent.  I don’t believe that there is ever a case where someone was born without a talent, because I believe that everyone has some unique/special ability. Have you ever found yourself questioning what your talents were? I remember asking myself a few times, what my talents were, even though I was good at many things.  I believe that you will only discover and confirm your talents, after you have tried many things and discover the ones you are better at.

Having a talent is good, but only hours and hours of hard work allows you to expand and become better. So guess what? Utilizing and working on your talent is key, because no matter how good you are at something, “talent can be beaten by hard work if talent doesn’t work hard”. So no matter how talented you are being complacent doesn’t help your talent. So planning, practicing, training (working hard) is the only way to expand, there is no expansion if you don’t work hard.  So now I ask, what do you think brought Bolt this major success?  Yes it was his talent, but it was only because he was persistent and determined, he did his training followed instructions and did the right things to be a success and the best at it.

Bolt’s super speed allows him to make a living, in other words he is marketable. There are a lot of people who are making money only because they worked on their talents which developed their skills thus allowing them to make money.  For example sports, music and performing arts are big ways people make a living.  Keep in mind that nothing is impossible! If you are a talented footballer and you keep telling yourself you want to be the best footballer, allow nothing to discourage or stop you, just be willing to put in the hard work and stay focused and see how far your talent takes you. Everyone is gifted, but most people never open their package. So discover expand and market your talent!


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